Exchange Activity on the Grand Canal

China World Heritage Centre under China Academy of Cultural Heritage is now launching activities to introduce the world cultural heritage sites to the public. We hope these activities that interest both young and old can provide them with an access to the world cultural heritage sites extant in China.

In the first activity, we came to one of the northernmost points of the Chinese Grand Canal at Tongzhou District, Beijing, and organized an early summer outdoor sketching on the theme of the Canal. This is an exchange activity on the Grand Canal as a world cultural heritage site jointly organized by China World Heritage Centre and Pifu Art & Chang Huai Xuan Art Studio.

Over 30 children who are attending the fine art classes at the Studio participated in the activity together with their parents on May 18th and 19th, 2019. This is a wonderful opportunity for these children to learn about the world heritage sites and the Grand Canal. These “little artists” worked out their own paintings that vividly show the scenery of the Grand Canal Forest Park.